Classic Pin Up Make up

I like this makeup tutorial on the classic pinup look.

The Red Balloon

My 3 year old boy (who's turning 4 this month) is enamoured by balloons. I found some from last year's birthday and blew some up for him when he was bored last week. He has kept them since and they're all getting smaller. He was so upset when one of them popped, and with tears in his eyes he said that was "his friend". OMG he needs a sibling. Thank God he starts pre school this year. Well, anyway he reminded me of this movie that I saw in school assembly around 2nd or 3rd grade. It was called "The Red Balloon". Never forgot this movie. I looked it up on you tube, half doubting that it would be there. Lo and behold, it was there. It brought back memories and I showed it to my boy who enjoyed it as well.