My summer vacation challenges

Every summer vacation we go to our favorite state, beautiful sunny Florida. So I'm already putting together my vacation wardrobe. This year I decided to wear more sundresses and be a little more feminine because I usually take the easy route and just be very casual with capris or shorts. This will be my challenge this summer. Also with hairstyles. I want to try more vintage hairstyles this summer. Usually I just roll my bangs and throw my hair into a ponytail or a bun (Florida gets really hot!) Does anyone have any tips on easy, quick yet vintage summer hairstyles?
I got some more goodies this past week for my summer wardrobe:

Hawaiian floral sundress (Etsy)

Perceptions New York dress (JCPenney)

Polka dot espadrille in red (payless)

Purple satin evening clutch (Etsy)

Look inside, it's so lusciously yummy! I don't think it was ever used!