Dita Thursdays!

Stay warm yet fashionable like Dita does, in these fabulous winter coats.


Singer Teena Marie dies at 54

I cannot believe Teena Marie passed away on Sunday, December 26th. I just found out about it today. She was one of my favorite singers in the 80's. Her voice was so unique and unmistakable. She sang with soul and funk, and her love songs with a passion. Some of my favorites from Teena include, "Square Biz", "Lover Girl", "Work it", and "Naked to the World". She will be missed.


Dita Thursdays!

Wishing everyone everyone Happy Holidays!


Movie I just watched: Duel in the sun

I watch alot of classic movies on TCM. Every time there's a western on, I quickly change the channel. I just don't like westerns, they're boring to me with all the shooting going on. Well today was no different. I just finished watching Ingrid Bergman in Intermezzo: A love story (have to save that one for another post) and I wasn't going to watch another movie. So this movie comes on that looks like a western (Oh NO!) but I didn't get to change the channel because I had to answer the phone. Anyway, when I finished my phone conversation I see this beautiful lady in the movie and I started watching it. The lady turned out to be Jennifer Jones. Can't say I've seen her movies before, but I have heard of her. Well, I watched the whole thing and I liked it! It did take place in a western setting and there was some shooting, but mostly it was a crazy love story! I must say it was rather surprisingly sexy for 1946.

Pearl Chavez, a half breed girl, is sent to live with distant relatives following the hanging of her father, who shot and killed Pearl's adulterous mother. Upon her arrival at the huge McCanless ranch, two brothers, Lewt and Jesse, are immediately smitten with Pearl. Lewt (Gregory Peck), the bad boy of the two, seduces Pearl but has no intentions of marrying her. The good brother, Jesse (Joseph Cotten), marries someone else but is still protective of Pearl and asks her to come and live with him and his wife. Tensions rise as the love triangle culminates in a violent end.


Dita Thursdays!

Here is Dita on Access Hollywood talking about performing Burlesque and launching her new Cointreau Coffret.

Another fantastic Giveaway!

La Dama at Vintage Passions just like mine is having a great giveaway! She has some very cute vintage items so if you haven't done so already, pay her blog a visit to enter.
And her blog is awesome. She adds a bit of dark humor, mexican flavor (as a latina myself, I love this), vintage love, and an obsession with Morrissey, mix it all up and you have a very interesting and tasty blog to read!
She has extended her giveaway until Monday, so you still have time to enter!


In remembrance of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day commemorates the unprovoked attack in 1941 of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii by Japanese forces. The attack marked the US entry into World War II. The attack took place on Sunday morning at 7:55 AM. It lasted just over an hour. The harbor was the homeport for the US Pacific fleet. Most of the ships in the harbor were damaged or destroyed. 2,400 Americans were killed and nearly 1,200 wounded. The greatest tragedy was the loss of the Battleship USS Arizona with its crew of nearly 1,200 men.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous address to the nation in which he refers to Dec. 7, 1941, as "a date which will live in infamy" can be seen below:

Movies to watch today:

From here to eternity

So proudly we hail

Pearl Harbor


Music Saturdays!

Song is "There you'll be" by Faith Hill. It was featured in the film Pearl Harbor.
I love this movie. I'm not a big fan of Faith Hill but I'm a sucker for love songs. This is a good one. Pearl Harbor Day is this Tuesday by the way.


Dita Thursdays!

Dita Quotes:

Fitness routine: About 20 minutes jumping on the trampoline and an hour of Pilates. I often take Sundays off.

Perfect kitchen: One of my big extravagances when I moved out of my former husband’s house was a matching pink stove and refrigerator in ’50s style. Unlike real vintage items, they work. Obsolete item she can’t bear to part with: Everything I have is obsolete. That’s the point.

Fanciest corset: It’s by Mr. Pearl, without a doubt the world’s most-sought-after corset maker. He lives in Paris, and all the couturiers go to him. He has an unmatched talent for creating the perfect wasp waist. Each corset requires between 6and 20 fittings.

Collections: I collect in a crazy way. I have at least 15 collections. I collect vintage hair combs; vintage clothes; vintage lingerie; hats; jewelry; cigarette holders.

Waistline: I’m not technically a tight lacer. It’s a fetish, in which you wear extremely tight corsets all the time. I don’t sleep in my corsets, and I’m not obsessed with obtaining the world’s smallest waist. My waist is around 18 inches.


Santa Baby, I've been an awful good girl....

Here are some things on my Christmas wish list so far:

A red corset similar to this one I spotted on Ebay (this will be from hubby of course ;-):

Fancy Nights perfume by Jessica Simpson. I love the smell of this perfume, very rich and exotic yet soft and feminine!

I love wide cinch belts. They have loads of them in all colors and styles on Ebay!

You can't go wrong with a pencil skirt. So sexy yet you can wear it to work too.

88 palette of eyeshadow. You can get it cheap on Ebay!

What's on your wishlist?


Happy Thanksgiving!

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Music Saturdays!

From 1961, "At Last" by Etta James. Love her voice and this song. Almost everyone plays it at their wedding.


Dita Thursdays!

Dita fact: One of her first jobs was working in a lingerie store, where she developed her interest in corsets
and lace underwear.


Music Saturdays!

Song is "I'll be seeing you", by Bille Holiday. Video from the movie, "The Notebook". One of my favorite movies!


Halloween is over!

When you have kids they count the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until Halloween. Well, it's over. This Halloween was FREEZING! It was windy and cold and I felt sorry for the kids whose parents didn't make them wear a coat over their costume! I couldn't believe the little teen girls in playboy bunny costumes (worn with a tiny skirt)!
My boy and hubby were zombies and I was suppose to be a vampire but my teeth didn't work out. So I just look like a goth. But it was fun. I was good and didn't eat too much candy ;-)

Michael Myers!


I love Halloween!

I love Halloween! I loved it as a kid too, of course. Not only for getting candy, but for choosing a costume, the excitement of going out at night was like a little adventure, and looking at other people's costumes. It was fun. Now I get to take my 5 year old boy trick or treating. In the past few years, I wasn't really getting into it because I felt I was too old to put on a costume. But now my kid gets me excited again. He asks me, "What are you going to be this year, mom?" This year we decided to do makeup instead of masks. My boy wants to be a zombie, hubby will be a skull face, and I can't decide whether to be a sexy she devil, a sultry vampire or an evil skull. What do you think? What are you going to be? Do you go trick or treating or do you go to parties? I really haven't seen anyone posting about Halloween. Well, whatever you dolls do, I hope you have a Happy and Safe Halloween!
Here are some pics of my baby boy through past Halloweens. I couldn't find one picture where he was Elvis! :-(


100 follower giveaway!!!

I know, i can't believe it, another fantastic giveaway! This one is at The Rockabilly Socialite.
Miss Dollie DeVille is giving away a "Rockabilly Socialite Kit" for reaching 100 followers. The kit includes
goodies from Besame Cosmetics! Wow, you have to check it out. I'm also checking out Besame Cosmetics, even if it's just to drool over their lipsticks!


In The Heyday giveaway!

Here's another great giveaway! This one is from In the Heyday. Shona is giving away this gorgeous dress for having 100 followers. The dress is called the Fleur dress. The lovely Fleur collaborated with Shona to create this beautiful dress. I want it!!! Hey, you never know, right?
So head on over there to enter this giveaway if this dress calls to you. Hurry! It ends October 29th.


The original Margarita story - by Cointreau staring Dita Von Teese

I like this! I can't believe I've never saw this before! Dita looks amazing as always.



Ok, so I'm going to try to post more pics of the hairstyles that I practice. Yesterday I tried rolls. Now, I've tried them many times before but yesterday was the first time that I was ok with them. This must mean that I'm getting better! Honestly, for the person that hairstyling doesn't come naturally (like me) it can be really frustrating, so practicing and practicing is the only way. I love vintage hairstyles so much, especially from the 40's. I didn't curl the ends of my hair because I had to run out, but it would've been much nicer if I did. Next time. ;-)


Tony Curtis has passed away

Tony Curtis,(1925-2010) the Hollywood heartthrob who fashioned a career as a respected actor in such films as Sweet Smell of Success, The Defiant Ones and Some Like It Hot, has died at the age of 85.
Curtis, the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, died Wednesday at his Las Vegas area home of a cardiac arrest.
You will be missed Tony Curtis!


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

This musical group consist of the Durham family. Siblings, Kitty (17), Daisy(20), and Lewis(19), Mom plays bass and Dad the guitar. They're fantastic! Check them out on YouTube.


Vintage Hairstyling

My younger sister gave me the book, "Vintage Hairstyling" by Lauren Rennalls for my birthday in May. I had looked through the book and really loved all the vintage hairstyles but I felt overwhelmed at all the instructions and tools that you need, so I really didn't try anything from the book. I'm very lazy and I always look for quick and easy versions. Which is why I love YouTube tutorials. But on Saturday I picked up the book again and got inspired to try something from the book. I slept with pin curls on Friday night, slightly damp. Then in the morning I took out the pins and brushed the curls. I think next time I'll do a dry set because it came out slightly frizzy (you can see the frizz in the first picture). I wanted to also create waves but I don't have duck bill clips so I used the smaller size clips to hold the waves in place. I wasn't too crazy about how it came out but it was my first time trying this style. Next time I'll have the stuff I need and try again.
I was going to my sister's for dinner and of course the whole hairstyle got messed up while I was in the car and the window was open with wind blowing all over my hair.
Good thing I took pics before the windblown disaster!