Movie I just watched: Duel in the sun

I watch alot of classic movies on TCM. Every time there's a western on, I quickly change the channel. I just don't like westerns, they're boring to me with all the shooting going on. Well today was no different. I just finished watching Ingrid Bergman in Intermezzo: A love story (have to save that one for another post) and I wasn't going to watch another movie. So this movie comes on that looks like a western (Oh NO!) but I didn't get to change the channel because I had to answer the phone. Anyway, when I finished my phone conversation I see this beautiful lady in the movie and I started watching it. The lady turned out to be Jennifer Jones. Can't say I've seen her movies before, but I have heard of her. Well, I watched the whole thing and I liked it! It did take place in a western setting and there was some shooting, but mostly it was a crazy love story! I must say it was rather surprisingly sexy for 1946.

Pearl Chavez, a half breed girl, is sent to live with distant relatives following the hanging of her father, who shot and killed Pearl's adulterous mother. Upon her arrival at the huge McCanless ranch, two brothers, Lewt and Jesse, are immediately smitten with Pearl. Lewt (Gregory Peck), the bad boy of the two, seduces Pearl but has no intentions of marrying her. The good brother, Jesse (Joseph Cotten), marries someone else but is still protective of Pearl and asks her to come and live with him and his wife. Tensions rise as the love triangle culminates in a violent end.


twinklez1985 said...

Sounds good I might have to watch that one

Lisa said...

I love this movie...! Jennifer Jones is great in "Carrie" with Laurence Olivier, you should check it out if you get a chance.