Vintage Commercial of Flintstones smoking cigarettes!

This was so disturbing yet interesting to watch! I grew up watching the Flinstones, who of course, never smoked in the cartoon. I was surprised to learn that 1)It was originally a cartoon for adults, shown at night 2)Winston cigarettes co-sponsored the Flinstones for it's first 2 seasons (1960-62)
Oh how far we've come!!!!


Better than a box of chocolates!!!!

Well, I don't blame DH for bitching me about spending money the last few months on Ebay and Etsy. These are hard times after all, and I'm a stay at home mom, and I got carried away when I suddenly fell in love with vintage clothing in the past few months! I kind of got addicted with the ease of ordering stuff online and paying through Paypal. Scary! I mean if we were rich, that would be a different story, but...we're not. Anyway, I promised DH I wouldn't order for a while. Then I couldn't help it and got back on Ebay again, with the intention of just looking. Then I saw it, a bautiful black vintage Jantzen bathing suit. I had to have it!! Somebody was surely going to grab it! I called DH while he was working and in my sweetest voice,"Do you love me? You know tomorrow is Valentine's Day right? I'll tell you what I want and I don't want anything else!" So I told him about the vintage swimsuit and he told me to go ahead and buy it! I was so happy! He made my Valentine's Day! He really can be a sweetheart! So, that's my Valentine's Day gift and it's way better than a box of chocolates that I can't eat anyway because I don't eat sugar! I am so excited and can't wait to get it! I'll post pictures when I get it. Happy Valentine's Day hubby! I love you!