Tony Curtis has passed away

Tony Curtis,(1925-2010) the Hollywood heartthrob who fashioned a career as a respected actor in such films as Sweet Smell of Success, The Defiant Ones and Some Like It Hot, has died at the age of 85.
Curtis, the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, died Wednesday at his Las Vegas area home of a cardiac arrest.
You will be missed Tony Curtis!


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

This musical group consist of the Durham family. Siblings, Kitty (17), Daisy(20), and Lewis(19), Mom plays bass and Dad the guitar. They're fantastic! Check them out on YouTube.


Vintage Hairstyling

My younger sister gave me the book, "Vintage Hairstyling" by Lauren Rennalls for my birthday in May. I had looked through the book and really loved all the vintage hairstyles but I felt overwhelmed at all the instructions and tools that you need, so I really didn't try anything from the book. I'm very lazy and I always look for quick and easy versions. Which is why I love YouTube tutorials. But on Saturday I picked up the book again and got inspired to try something from the book. I slept with pin curls on Friday night, slightly damp. Then in the morning I took out the pins and brushed the curls. I think next time I'll do a dry set because it came out slightly frizzy (you can see the frizz in the first picture). I wanted to also create waves but I don't have duck bill clips so I used the smaller size clips to hold the waves in place. I wasn't too crazy about how it came out but it was my first time trying this style. Next time I'll have the stuff I need and try again.
I was going to my sister's for dinner and of course the whole hairstyle got messed up while I was in the car and the window was open with wind blowing all over my hair.
Good thing I took pics before the windblown disaster!


Cupcake Provocateur apron giveaway!

Cupcake Provocateur is having an apron giveaway that ends soon!(September 9th!) They have the cutest aprons! So hurry now and visit the website for this giveaway and take a look at which one you like so you know what to choose if you win. Good Luck!