Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


Dita Thursdays!

I rarely come across pictures of Dita on a day off when she's shopping or just enjoying time with her boyfriend, Louis-Marie De Castelbajac. So I decided to post just those kind of pictures of her. She even looks good just going to the supermarket!

She even goes to flea markets often!


Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants

I always love it when Reese Witherspoon does period movies. She does it so well.
In her new movie "Water for Elephants" she has the 30's waves and pale blonde hair. And I'm sure the costumes are amazing too. I want to see this movie! Of course, this came from a book first which I never heard of so I didn't read it. Has anyone read this book? I've read what the movie is about and I've seen the trailers so I know it has romance in it (my favorite kind of movie). It stars Robert Pattinson (the guy from Twilight) as Reese's love interest, and I hear the chemistry between the two is sizziling HOT.
This movie opens April 22nd.
Reese is also on the cover of Vogue magazine's May issue. Here are some pics:



New goodies!

I went to the mall today and spring fever is already here! All the stores had bathing suits, shorts, spring and summer dresses, sandals, etc...I couldn't believe it! But I guess they start this early, even if it's not even warm yet. It really got me in the mood though for some shoe shopping! I found a couple of cute shoes (white polka dot on black espadrilles and black flats) but didn't have time for more shopping because I had to pick up my son from school. Maybe I'll go back during the Easter sales! In other shopping news, I found a cute black Bisou Bisou handbag with gold studs on Ebay and a leopard handbag on Etsy. Also on Etsy I found a cute hawaiian styled dress for summer which will look so cute with some white or navy wedges. Here are the pics:

Black Bisou Bisou purse and leopard handbag (Ebay & Etsy)

White polka dots on black espadrilles (Payless)

Black flats (Payless)

50's style/hawaiian dress (vintage on Etsy)