Dita Von Teese Nails

I guess I'm late in finding out about this but I'm so excited that I'll post about it anyway. Dita Von Teese has partnered with Kiss Nails to launch a line of easy to apply press on nails in her signature 1940's era half moon manicure. Dita says, "I wanted to offer a shortcut to obtaining the nail style that I have been wearing for the last 20 years, and Kiss has helped make it a reality,”. The set comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes. Gel glue is also include in the package. The nails are available now to purchase on her site and retail for $9.99.
This is great for a gal like me who has terrible nails and have no talent for manicuring. And I always use nails from Kiss, they're great!.


Dior J'adore

Love this new ad from Dior J'adore! As always, Charlize Theron looks amazing. In this commercial she's hurrying as if she's late for a fashion show. As she's rushing through backstage she glances at models getting ready. These models happen to be legendary beauties such as Grace Kelly, Malene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.