Bettie Page suffers heart attack

Bettie Page, who is 85 years old now, was hospitalized Friday, December 5th. She is in a coma after suffering a heart attack and is in intensive care. Before this tragedy, she was hospitalized for having pnemonia and was just about to be released from the hospital when this happened.
We'll pray for her health to return. We love you Bettie!


More cute finds!!!

I'm getting a little carried away with online shopping, but I can't help it!!! Alot of cute stuff out there! I'm also taking advantage of hubby's generosity lately because in the past he's been kinda tight with the wallet when it came to my shopping. But I'll slow down for a while, maybe until spring time when I'll be on the lookout for sundresses & bathing suits.
I'm soooo excited on my recent finds of a vintage light blue suitcase & a vintage robin's egg colored traincase (Samsonite). Both from Ebay. I also purchased 2 dolls (Barbie sized, but not Barbie.)2 beautiful pricess dresses for them, one pink, one white. 1 pair of silver cateye glasses.
From Etsy I ordered 1 red polka dot shirt and 1 black short sleeved cashmere sweater, a red belt, and a few weeks ago 2 pairs of vintage cateye glasses. I want to put my prescriptions in the new one. I can't wait to get my new stuff! These are my Christmas gifts.