New goodies!

I went to the mall today and spring fever is already here! All the stores had bathing suits, shorts, spring and summer dresses, sandals, etc...I couldn't believe it! But I guess they start this early, even if it's not even warm yet. It really got me in the mood though for some shoe shopping! I found a couple of cute shoes (white polka dot on black espadrilles and black flats) but didn't have time for more shopping because I had to pick up my son from school. Maybe I'll go back during the Easter sales! In other shopping news, I found a cute black Bisou Bisou handbag with gold studs on Ebay and a leopard handbag on Etsy. Also on Etsy I found a cute hawaiian styled dress for summer which will look so cute with some white or navy wedges. Here are the pics:

Black Bisou Bisou purse and leopard handbag (Ebay & Etsy)

White polka dots on black espadrilles (Payless)

Black flats (Payless)

50's style/hawaiian dress (vintage on Etsy)


La Dama said...

great deals, always love finding a bargain. love the leopard skirt,especially your Hawaiian vestido.you looking bien bonita.you should take more fotos of your sexy self amor.

islandgirl said...

Thank you amor! I have this thing for retro hawaiian dresses. And of course, I love a bargain too!