Vintage Hairstyling

My younger sister gave me the book, "Vintage Hairstyling" by Lauren Rennalls for my birthday in May. I had looked through the book and really loved all the vintage hairstyles but I felt overwhelmed at all the instructions and tools that you need, so I really didn't try anything from the book. I'm very lazy and I always look for quick and easy versions. Which is why I love YouTube tutorials. But on Saturday I picked up the book again and got inspired to try something from the book. I slept with pin curls on Friday night, slightly damp. Then in the morning I took out the pins and brushed the curls. I think next time I'll do a dry set because it came out slightly frizzy (you can see the frizz in the first picture). I wanted to also create waves but I don't have duck bill clips so I used the smaller size clips to hold the waves in place. I wasn't too crazy about how it came out but it was my first time trying this style. Next time I'll have the stuff I need and try again.
I was going to my sister's for dinner and of course the whole hairstyle got messed up while I was in the car and the window was open with wind blowing all over my hair.
Good thing I took pics before the windblown disaster!


I'm Alee. said...

That's such a creative gift. I love anything vintage.

Sea Doll said...

I know, I love it! I pretty much love anything vintage also. Thanks so much for following my blog.

Miss Go Lightly said...

Hello Darling! I've been wanting that book :) what a lucky gal! Your hair looks lovely! You must post more pictures of you when you try out new vintage looks =D

Sea Doll said...

Thanks sweetie! I just feel so weird posting my pictures because I feel I still need loads of practice. All you vintage lovelies are so darn good at it!