Dita Thursdays!

Dita Quotes:

Fitness routine: About 20 minutes jumping on the trampoline and an hour of Pilates. I often take Sundays off.

Perfect kitchen: One of my big extravagances when I moved out of my former husband’s house was a matching pink stove and refrigerator in ’50s style. Unlike real vintage items, they work. Obsolete item she can’t bear to part with: Everything I have is obsolete. That’s the point.

Fanciest corset: It’s by Mr. Pearl, without a doubt the world’s most-sought-after corset maker. He lives in Paris, and all the couturiers go to him. He has an unmatched talent for creating the perfect wasp waist. Each corset requires between 6and 20 fittings.

Collections: I collect in a crazy way. I have at least 15 collections. I collect vintage hair combs; vintage clothes; vintage lingerie; hats; jewelry; cigarette holders.

Waistline: I’m not technically a tight lacer. It’s a fetish, in which you wear extremely tight corsets all the time. I don’t sleep in my corsets, and I’m not obsessed with obtaining the world’s smallest waist. My waist is around 18 inches.


Trixie said...

18 inches! Holy cow! She must be teensy tinsy

For the record I can jump on a trampoline for about two minutes before I get bored and wander off. I bet she has a bigger trampoline than me. Those would be more fun

Great post! Loved reading it all!

islandgirl said...

Trixie: How I wish that was my waist size! I'm working on making my waist smaller. I'll be thrilled if I can take off even 2 inches! I have to work my butt off for an hour in my workouts just to keep weight off. There is no way jumping on a trampoline will do that for me. LOL!