Halloween is over!

When you have kids they count the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until Halloween. Well, it's over. This Halloween was FREEZING! It was windy and cold and I felt sorry for the kids whose parents didn't make them wear a coat over their costume! I couldn't believe the little teen girls in playboy bunny costumes (worn with a tiny skirt)!
My boy and hubby were zombies and I was suppose to be a vampire but my teeth didn't work out. So I just look like a goth. But it was fun. I was good and didn't eat too much candy ;-)

Michael Myers!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Your costumes are fab! X

P.S Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog recently. Im so glad you like my blog. I like yours too X

Michele said...

oooh, I love your blog!! Thank you so much for the follow so that I can now find & follow you! xoxoox

coco said...

Thanks for stopping by dolls!