Alfred Shaheen- (1923-2008)

I've learned about Alfred Shaheen's fashions a little late...about May of last year, when I was searching for vintage sundresses online. But once I saw some of his dresses, I fell deep in love. His designs are sooo beautiful and one of a kind. I still have yet to purchase an Alfred Shaheen original. Still looking through vintage sites. They don't come cheap. *sigh*
This man won't be forgotten. Here is an article from Vogue:

ALFRED SHAHEEN - the man credited with putting the Hawaiian shirt on the fashion map had passed away in California at the age of 86 due to complications from diabetes on December 22.

Shaheen's distinctively bright floral designs shot to prominence when Elvis Presley wore one on the cover of his 1961 hit album Blue Hawaii and demand for them increased steadily as tourism in the Pacific Island chain grew.

"I would not do harsh prints or chop suey prints," the designer once reflected on his winning aesthetic. "I avoided bright or garish colours."

Inspired by a desire to create a "certain look that was different from everyone else's", original Shaheen designs now regularly fetch up to £750 at auction. Many will remember him as an innovator who changed the shape of the industry by designing, printing and producing aloha shirts and other ready-to-wear items under one roof using high-grade fabrics, dyes, cuts and prints.

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