Practicing Vintage Hairstyles

I've been practicing vintage hairstyles on myself since last year. I'm not amazing but it's getting a little better. I've learned so much from YouTube tutorials by talented ladies such as Lisa Freemont and Casey Brown. Thanks Dolls!
I go back and forth between 1950's and 1940's hairstyles, although I lean more towards 40's because I like the longer styles. Oh how I wish I had hair like Rita Hayworth or Betty Grable! But alas, my hair is very thin and stick straight. I always used to do a basic Bettie Page look just because it was easy with my hair, but I don't have the thick bangs to pull it off either! So gradually I began to explore more styles from the 40's & 50's and bought some hot rollers and lots of hair products to keep my thin hair in curls! Of course Hubby thinks I'm nuts but I love it! So I'll keep on practicing and I hope the tutorials will keep on coming!

Rita Hayworth

Betty Grable

Casey Brown


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

I know exactly how you feel! My hair is straight, thin and short, won't even hold up to a perm! So far, I've had the most luck keeping curls with pin curls but it does take a while! Have you tried the faux bang yet? I did it last weekend and it turned out surprisingly adorable! I'll be posting a tutorial on my blog tomorrow afternoon if you haven't already tried it!

coco said...

I just saw your victory roll tutorial and how to make a rat. Love them both, Thanks! Haven't tried faux bangs yet, would you please post a tutorial for that? You look lovely in all your pictures, by the way.