Yolanda Ivonne Móntes Farrington, born January 3, 1932 is an exotic dancer and actress of Mexican films (from the late 40's-80's). She's artistically known as "Tongolele". I first saw a drawing of her that someone did on flickr and really liked it, so then I looked up her name and found a few pictures of her (there doesn't seem to be many pictures of her). I'm just amazed at her stunning beauty. Those eyes and hair and that body! Oh and I found a few videos of her on youtube.
She's alive and well today and still looks good!


art deco dame said...

my jaw dropped!She is BEAUTIFUL!

La Dama said...

Tongole is my icon.
que curvas!
I want to to Tongole my hair ,but I'm too floja to keep up with that rayito.

oye que bonito que tu Padre te visite en tus suenos. yo se que no estoy embarazada.

islandgirl said...

art deco dame: I know, she's stunning isin't she?

La Dama: You would look so good with Tongolele hair! You should do it, even if it's just temporary.
Un dia tu vas tener tu bebe, No te preocupes!

La Dama said...

I will try it the white streak soon, tengo white pintura ready. its the kind that washes off.
gracias, ahorita I think were not ready. maybe in a couple of years.

Lizzy said...

Hi! I just "discovered" your blog through La Dama blog.

About 12 years ago, I met her at the airport and DIOS MIO!!!she was really beautiful, she has those green eyes, and the very same hair, even if she was already a lady of several decades her body is still curvy.
Aun asi de grande, esta de llamar la atencion, esta (estaba) hermosa cuando la vi.

Lorna Z. said...

YES! She is now about 80 years old and she still performs and still has an amazing body. I met her last year and her skin looks beautiful. When I watch her movies, I can't help thinking that woman is flawless <3