Going back to work?

Well I received both the dress and the bathing suit the other day. I'm very happy with both. They fit great and look good. I can't wait to wear them on vacation. Well, speaking of vacation, we'll be leaving in less than 2 weeks. Hubby & I were talking and I may go back to work part time when we get back. Our toddler is 3 1/2 now and we might put him in preschool in September (*sigh* he's growing up so fast!). So the good news is if I go back to work, I'll have money to buy the stuff that I want, but the bad news is my baby won't take it so well after being with me at home since he was born! But hopefully he'll start school and make friends and see that it isin't so scary. Well, he has start getting used to being apart from me anyway. Me too! LOL!!!

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