Thrift finds!

There's a new thrift store around my neighborhood and it's much bigger and easier to walk around in than the other smaller thrift stores around here. Also it has a better selection than the others. I usually don't go into these stores around here because not much vintage to find or anything to catch my interest. But today I found 3 things! I found (actually hubby spotted her first) a lovely doll. I usually don't collect these kinds of dolls, but she was so cute and in perfect condition, I just had to get it! Next I found an adorable straw bag, with a robin's egg blue color, perfect for summer. Then I found a black strech belt with a butterfly buckle. Not bad for thrift store finds! And the funny thing was I didn't plan to go in, but my son spotted a Bob the builder tin lunchbox in the window (which hubby got for him) and we just went in. Don't you just love unexpected finds?

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