Valentine's Day goodies!

This year I didn't want jewelry, box of chocolates, or perfume. No thanks. I told hubby I wanted some vintage things I've had my eye on. He just laughed, but he knew I was serious. So that's what I got on Valentine's Day from dear hubby. From ebay I won this gorgeous chocolate brown velvet robe with a faux leopard trim. So yummy! Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. So glam! Then from Etsy I bought this cute hawaiian sundress (not vintage but 1950's inspired). It has a sweetheart neckline, fitted waist and full circle skirt. And you can remove the straps and wear it a halter dress! I'm always thinking ahead to summer because it keeps me sane in these long winter months! I'm still waiting for this dress to come and I can't wait!
Next I ordered this cute petite navy & white spectator purse. It's so adorable, but I expected it to be a little bit bigger than it was. I'm always in search for the perfect vintage purse.
Thanks hubby for these gifts, even though you think I'm odd for loving vintage! LOL!


Dizzy Dame said...

I love that purse!

Sea Doll said...

Thanks! Isin't it cute? But I was a bit disappointed to find out it was quite small! It looked much bigger in the picture :-(