Lucille Ball before "I love Lucy"

Before being known as the crazy red head from "I Love Lucy", Lucille Ball first started out as a model and then began her performing career on Broadway. In the 1930's-40's she moved on to radio and then lots of B movies. In 1948 Lucy was cast on a radio comedy show called "My favorite Husband" (a radio program for CBS Radio). She played a wacky house wife. The show was really successful and CBS asked her to develop it for television. She agreed, but only if they let Desi Arnaz (her husband) play the part of her husband. CBS wasn't too crazy about the idea because they thought the public wouldn't accept an all American red head and a Cuban as a couple. Little did they know! LOL!


La Dama said...

Lucy was hot ..she was so funny and had a red head feisty temper too.

islandgirl said...

Yes I agree! She was a total package and she had excellent business sense too!

Lady Betty said...

As a natural redhead and as a girl who lives a vintage life, I have loved all things Lucy for many years! She is the total redhead icon of the ages! Lucy was beautiful, funny, and smart! She, along with Desi, founded Desilu Studios. Desilu introduced the Star Trek franchise to the world! In 1966, when most studios refused to handle the new show, Desilu stepped in and the show was a huge success!

islandgirl said...

Lady Betty: Thanks for that info! I didn't know that about Desi helping Star Trek out.
By the way, you have lovely red hair and your skin is AMAZING!

Fräulein Lin said...

Hey Miss.
I have nominated you for the stylish blogger award! Congrats!


Vandaleyez Makeup said...

Wow! Look at her she is so gorgeous in these pictures! I love this era! Glad I stumbled across you!