Bathing Suit browsing

It's that time of the year where I start browsing for bathing suits. I know it's a little early but I just love browsing through the retro style bathing suits. In the past few years I've bought vintage bathing suits but I wasn't 100% happy with them. So I decided this year I will buy a retro styled swim suit. Right now I have my eye on Esther Williams swimwear and Pinup Couture at Pinup Girl Clthing. All these gorgeous bathing suits to choose from! I wish I could find one like the one Esther Williams is wearing in the picture above. I didn't see anything like that one in her website.
I always seem to go for the color black (it is slimming and classic, after all) but maybe I'll try a different color or pattern this summer. Where do you ladies get your swimwear???
Here are some from Esther Williams.


La Dama said...

such beutiful bathing suits,fijate que no encontrado uno que me gusto como me quede.deseo uno con faldita y off the shoulder top. no me gusta ensenat mis brazos.

Kitty said...

See the fab GENUINE 50s on my blog, the post before last

islandgirl said...

La Dama: Ya sabes que tengo complejos de mi cuerpo, por eso es dificil encontrar un traje de bano que me dejas satisfecha. Pero ami me encantan las de halter style. Esas me quedan muy bien porque tengo shoulders muy wide. Tu puedes encontrar una, tienes muy bien gusto en fashion!

islandgirl said...

Kitty: I went to your blog and I can't find it! What is the date on that post?