Marilyn's love of reading

I'm currently reading "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" by J. Randy TaraBorrelli (which I got from the library ;-). In the book it mentions Marilyn's appetite for knowledge. Johnny Hyde, Marilyn's talent agent from early in her career, wanted her to expand her intellectual scope and suggested she read books by Turgenev and Tolstoy. As she became famous, she was often seen and photographed reading different books and she was made fun of and ridiculed because they didn't believe she could read and understand those books. Those who were close friends would say that Marilyn did read books and would have lengthy and knowledgeable discussions about them. Marilyn wasn't a dumb blonde like some in Hollywood thought.
Some other books read by Marilyn: Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman,
Psychology of Everyday Life by Sigmund Freud, Lust for Life by Irving Stone, The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens by Lincoln Steffens, The Thinking Body by Mabel Elsworth Todd, Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton, An Actor Prepares by Konstantin Stanislavsky and To the Actor by Miachael Chekhov (just to name a few).


Missy Vintage said...

I just adore her. I haven't seen the top picture before so thank you. She was jut so breath takingly naturally beautiful. Strikingly stunning. x

islandgirl said...

Missy Vintage: I adore her too. She's like a beautiful doll, isin't she? I don't think she ever took a bad picture in her life.

La Dama said...

She had brains and beauty.

Frankie's Wife said...

I think Marilyn was a deep person if maybe just a little misguided at times...but who isn't?

Whatever her IQ, she was always beautiful. I really admire that she had a real "figure" and would constantly gain and loose weight just like us real women do.

islandgirl said...

La Dama: I agree

Frankie's Wife: I think that's why many women adore her. She had problems just like us, yet she managed to look beautiful & glamorous through it all.