Halloween Lovely: Yvonne De Carlo

I remember Yvonne De Carlo mostly from the tv show "The Munsters". I recall loving the way she looked, her long black hair with white streaks, her black nails, her pale pink vampire ankle length gown and most of all, her bat necklace. She was in her 40's when she started the show. Years later, I watched "The Ten Commandments" and was stunned to find out that the beautiful woman who played Moses's wife was the same Yvonne De Carlo from "The Munsters". Since then I've seen pictures of Yvonne De Carlo when she was much younger in her acting career and can't believe how gorgeous this woman was! I loved her in "The Munsters", but I would never have known how beautiful she truly was under all that "monster" makeup if I hadn't seen the "The Ten Commandments" or found her pictures on the internet.
Other movies she made include, "Salome Where She Danced", "Criss Cross", "Slave Girl", and "Sombrero" just to name a few.
Here are a couple of pictures of her as Lily Munster and a YouTube tutorial if you want to be Lily Munster for Halloween. The rest of the pictures are of her gorgeous self:


La Dama said...

I love her so hermosa. especially in The Munsters.
donde te pierdes?

Thick Threads said...

what a lovely woman! shes gorgeous.


la_moneta said...

Wow, thanks for remembering Yvonne. Such a pity most people remember her face only as Lily Munster and forget about her stunning Sephora. She was beautiful and elegant lady. Nice article, for all Vancouverians I would just add that she was born there and belongs to the greatest movie artists of Vancouver.