Movie that I watched yesterday

Yesterday I watched "The Young Savages", on TCM. I have never seen this film before. It takes place in Spanish Harlem, NYC in 1961. Three Italian young men are members of a street gang named the Thunderbirds. They have an ongoing turf war with a Puerto Rican gang called the Horsemen. The three members of the Thunderbirds attack a blind young man from the Horsemen and stab him to death. The district attorney (played by a very handsome Burt Lancaster) is given the case despite the fact that it is discovered that one of the boys mother was his ex-girlfriend.
At first he seeks the death penalty for the boys, but as he gets deeper into the case he realizes what appears to be cut and dried on the surface, is really more complex. It's directed by John Frankenheimer, also stars Dina Merrill, Shelley Winters and Telly Savalas.
It was an interesting movie over all. I always love seeing old movies that were filmed in NYC (I still live here).

I got a kick out of seeing a young Telly Savalas in this film.

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La Dama said...

Sounds a good movies, yo creo que ya la mire.
Gracias por tu lindo comentario.
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Me costo 30 dolares.