Dita Thursdays!

This is Dita before her fame as a burlesque artist.

I'm always fascinated by people's physical transformations whether it's weight loss, maturity, plastic surgery, or just a make over. I love it! Look how different Dita looks as a blonde. I think she's fabulous as a brunette with her snow white skin!

Dita Quotes:

Earliest memory on burlesque: I saw Natalie Wood in Gypsy when I was a little girl but it wasn’t until I was of age in 1991 that I pursued a career as a striptease dancer.

How she got her name: When I began working in strip club in the early 90’s I chose that name because I was really interested in the silent film era. Later on, when I posed for Playboy, I chose the last name Von Teese… sort of. I found the name “Von Treese” in the phone book and they misprinted it “Von Teese”. It’s nice to have a stage name; it’s the classic old Hollywood thing to do! No one used their real names, ever!

Motto to live by: “Living well is the best revenge”, which was said by a great poet of the 16th century.

Best country to shop for vintage: I’ve been all over the world for vintage and I have to stand by it — people argue with me about this all the time — but the best vintage is in America

Lipstick trick: Well, there’s not really a trick. You either wear a very matte lipstick that’s very dry and doesn’t bleed, like MAC Ruby Woo or Russian Red, or you wear something that’s shiny and you look at it every, like, half hour to make sure it’s OK. There’s not really a secret. There’s no trick! It’s like matte equals non-bleeding; shiny plus moisturizing equals bleeding.


Ellone said...

She looks so classy as a brunette. I don't like her with blonde hair!

islandgirl said...

I agree! As a brunette she's a classy lady.

Amanda said...

Not terrible as a blonde - but brunette just looks so much better with her skin.

Boo Boo Kitty said...

Its Ruby Woo... Not Ruby Roo!!


Miss Twinkle said...

she's pretty as a blonde too, but the dark hair make her look special.

La Dama said...

she looks plain as a blonde..black hair makes her beauty stand out.