Hairstyle of the month: Faux bob

I decided I wanted to do a faux bob as a change from longer hair styles. I curled my hair first in hot rollers and then I tried pinning my hair under with bobby pins. This didn't work for me! I think it's because 1)my hair is so thin, and 2)I couldn't do the backside myself. Maybe it takes more practice. Then I looked up on YouTube for an easy tutorial and I finally found one! This lady used a hair ribbon (but you can use anything cute to tie: bandana, silk scarf, etc..) and she tied the end of her hair and rolled it into a bob, then tied the ribbon on top of her head. Well, just watch the video to see the tutorial. It was super easy for me and I'm glad I learned a new way to style my hair. This is such a great hair style for summer too.

Here is my try:

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La Dama said...

looks great amor.