I feel loved!

This must be my lucky day. I received yet another award from another adorable friend, Miss Go Lightly from A Chock-Full of Rants and Raves from a Thirty- Something Mama Thank you Miss Go Lightly for thinking of me! In the short time that I've been here in blog land, I feel so glad to have met you! And of course, all the other wonderful bloggers that I'm getting to know! It feels so good to meet others that share your love for vintage.

Five Things That I Love To Do:
1) making my son laugh
2) shopping for vintage clothing
3) spending summer days at the beach
4) listening to my fave music
5) taking pictures

The rules are simple:

"Copy and save the award graphic above for use in your post,
Blog about receiving the award and share five things that you love to do with your readers
Keep passing along the Circle of Friends award with however many of your own readers you’d like to."

This award is for:


Nancy BellaDonna said...

howdi! thanks chicky!!
will get to it right away!

Miss Go Lightly said...

Awe! You are so very welcome dahling, and I too am delighted to have met you her in the blog zone ;) Thank you for sharing the things you love to do with us. they are fantastic! =D

Miss Go Lightly said...

Hello doll..guess what? You've been given another award! an original award created by Miss Go Lightly herself! lol ;)